Horse Hair Jewelry Sterling Silver braided horse hair ring with CZ accents Pet Resin horse hair jewelry


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Sterling silver ring made with your pets hair or my stock hair you choose. .

I need a 10 inch long pencil round section of hair for this piece

Please specify size in Comments
Collect the longest hairs at the bottom of the tail.
Separate away as many short hairs as possible so you are only cutting the longest hair. Should be around 20 to 24 inches in length.
Cut close to the tailbone.
Cut many small bunches so that the final lock is around the size of your pinky finger.
Secure with a rubber band. Please do not tie a knot in hair.
The hair needs to be clean and free from knots.
Clean hair with a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Dry by patting with a towel. Do not apply any products to hair after cleaning.
Ensure hair is completely dry, apply rubber band to other end of lock and place hair in a zip lock bag. Write your name and the name of the horse on the outside of bag


*I can combine the hair of more than one and
place them in the same piece. If they are separate you can send each in
their own bag so that I am sure to include equal parts.

*Once processed into the piece it will no longer be possible
to remove so please be 100% positive with your decision.

*ALL unused hair will be returned to you in the bag that they were sent
in. NONE will be disposed of.


Thank you for interest in my jewelry. This is an important purchase and I would be honored to create a remembrance.

We offer unique memorials allowing you to always remember, my jewelry allows for remains and jewelry to become one beautiful piece that anyone would love to wear. I need About one teaspoon of ash, that will be solidified and permanently set in your chosen style of jewelry. The end result is a stone-like appearance. As the color of the ashes, they’re all different and you never know how they will look until set, light beige to a dark gray, to black.

I only need a small amount of ashes, about a teaspoon, please enclose the ashes in two sealed bags and release all of the air to ensure the ashes are secure place in padded/bubble envelope and mail to

Donovan Designs
Denise Donovan
171 Barneston Road
Honey Brook Pa. 19344

Unfortunately, Etsy guidelines do not allow me sell my cremation jewelry with human remains. However, I would be honored to create an elegant remembrance from a loved pet. If you have any questions regarding the etsy guidelines as they relate to my jewelry, please contact me directly.


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