Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I use my own pets hair?

     Of Course! That is what I love creating, the special memories for you of your pet! Any type hair can be used for certain designs, horse, dog, cat, human.

2: How much hair is needed for the pottery pieces?

      It really depends on piece, more is better, I can always return any unused hair back, but at least 30 strands.

3: How much hair is need for the porcelain jewelry?

  I need at least 15 strands.

4: How much hair is need for the resin jewelry?

 At least the thickness of your pinkie and 3-6 inches long, the color of your pets hair will be the color of the jewelry.

5: How long does it take order to be completed?

      Orders take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. 

6: Does all the hair come out black on the pottery?

Yes, because of the process, no matter what color your pets hair it will be black on the pottery & porcelain jewelry pieces.

Please email with any other questions you may have, I will be happy to answer them!