~Keep a part of your pet alive and with you forever~
Horse hair pottery and jewelry is made from your horse’s hair. Pet Memorials are created with your pet’s hair.
I can also create hair pottery/jewelry for that special person(baby’s first hair cut, mom, dad, grand mom…,) Or your special dog, cat, or bird.
Horsehair Pottery & horse hair jewelry is a great way to celebrate and honor a current or past equine partner. Keep the distinct personality of your horse and there energy & spirit alive forever in a personalized horse hair pottery piece. If you don’t have a pet I can use the hair from one of mine so you can have a one of a kind unique decor piece. Price is the same for your pet hair or mine.
I can also hand paint silhouette’s of your pet’s profile, discipline, breed, or any other short label on your piece of pottery. You cut a small amount of hair from your pet & mail it to me – I then use that hair to craft your piece of art. The color of your pet’s hair doesn’t matter due to the process of burning the hair into your piece it will appear only in black.

My pieces make wonderful gifts for parents, trainers, riders, owners, sponsors, & friends……as well as an excellent choice for trophy’s and awards for horse shows
‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’
~Anatole France
~ Gift Certificates Available ~