Special Events

December 2009, I was commissioned to create pottery for Debbie McDonald & Peggy Thomas, Rider and Owner of the famous Dressage Mare "Brentina". See Brentina Page for more information on two special pieces that will be available to the public.

 December 2009, I created a special piece for Police Officer Joseph Knox in memory of his partner of 12 years "Titan" police horse.

January 2010, I was commissioned to create 79 trophies for the Texas Hunter and Jumper Association 2009 Year End Awards. We created beautiful Gift Certificate Awards that were handed out to Champion and Reserve Champions. They then were able to pick there special piece and send there Champion's horses hair for that unique, very personal trophy. Thank You Tracy Fenney!   

Hi  Denise  !, , , , ,           You  have  made  "Our "  year End  WIN,    Very  Special !!
  I Love  your   work,   , ,   Thank YOU  !     I will have years  of  Great memories  !!     jana


April 2010, commissioned to create 51 trophies for The Fiesta of The Spanish Horse Show. They decided on finished pieces for there Champion and Res. Champion winners. Thank you Joanne Asman!

June 2010, commissioned to create 4 trophies for DVCTA Horse Trials. Thank you Stephanie deCrevecoueur!

 June 2010, commissioned to create 37 trophies for Kanawha Valley Horsemen's Association. They decided on finished pieces for there show. Thank you Kathy Hamilton!

   July 2010, commissioned to create 8 trophies for Cincinnati Dressage Tradition Horse Show. They decided on finished pieces for there dressage show. Thank you Chris Federer!

August 2010, commissioned for 20 trophies for Iowa Fall Classic Horse Show, thank you Gloria Paulsen!

September 2010, commissioned for the perpetual trophy for Mid Atlantic Dressage Assoc. Thank you Lois Thiergartner!

September 2010, commissioned for a trophy for the Doma Vaquera show in Australia. Thank you Lisa Parfitt!

January 2011, commissioned for 50 saddlebred trophy's. Thank you Sally Tesch!

March 2011, commissioned for Central Washington Quarter Horse Assoc. Trophy Awards. Thank you Kelly!

2011, commissioned to create a Mythilus statue for an Auction to help Courtney King! Thank You!

2011, commissioned to create a Rhett statue for an Auction to help Jim Koford! Thank you!

January 2012, commissioned for POA Horse Show Awards. Thank You!

2012, commissioned to create special piece for Thundering Hooves Concert Event. Thank You Sari Hewlett-Pacheco

2012, commissioned to create 12 trophy's for year end awards, Thank you, Joanne Ambrosini!

Please contact me if you would like to have trophy's for your show or year end awards.